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Consulting Services

UPGRADE is a trusted consulting partner to  organizations of all sizes from small to start-ups  to large, complex Fortune 500 M.

UPGRADE works with organizations across various  industries, for enterprise-wide deployment of  process improvement and quality initiatives using  various models like ISO Management System, Lean  Six Sigma, and more.

UPGRADE has designed its offerings, to help  organizations align their strategic objectives with  day-to-day business and operational goals. Our services aid companies to  increase profitability by reducing cycle time, increasing  productivity and improving quality of service delivery  and processes.


Towards Effective Training Plan

An independent impartial TNA is a sound investment for any training  department, helping to ensure that the training investment you are  about to make will produce the maximum results.

UPGRADE will also ensure that your employees are aware that their  input into the training is vital at the every stage. Our aim is to design  a program for each person’s specific needs, which supports their job role and ensures they remain motivated, thus helping you to maximize  the return on your investment.




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